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Festival Systems provides web-based management software and support to festivals and conferences.

Our Festival Management Software started life in 2001 to help co-ordinate artist liaison at one of the UK's larger music events. Since then the software has helped manage over 7500 performances. We've developed ways of managing guest lists, volunteers, accommodation, production, scheduling, conferences, delegates and more. In the process we've revolutionised both internal and external communications.

Over the last ten years we've worked closely with many leaders in the festival industry; we've built to their specifications, and refined and improved based on their feedback. Now you can benefit from countless hours of hard work, without having to go through any of the painful software development processes. You know that what you're seeing works – it's been tried and tested in fields around the world.

We've got a free version of the system so you can set up a system for your event and see how it works for yourself!

Latest Video

We recently released the latest version of the Scheduler; our dynamic, graphical and mighty clever system to help programme your event. It is an integral part of the service we offer, and just another element of the ongoing improvements 'round these parts...

Click here to watch the video, or head over to our News Page to see everything we've been up to.

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